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Quite simply put, non fungible tokens (NFTs) will revolutionize how business is done in the music industry. As the technology continues to develop, and more marketplace infrastructure is built — singers, musicians, bands, rappers, DJs, and so on, will have a chance to control their own song and album sales, in a direct line to their fans/audience, like never before in human history. We've gone from buying records to buying CDs, from CDs to individual MP3 files, from MP3 files to subscriptions on streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.), and the next logical transition is from buy subscriptions on streaming platforms to buying music directly from an artist on an NFT marketplace.

As an entrepreneur from the Chicago area, a long-time Cardano fan and investor, myself, and someone with close personal ties to several big names in the US music scene, I fully intend to shake up the music world for the better — taking the power out of the hands of big tech streaming companies, and putting it back into the hands of artists and their fans.

I'm looking for a small team of developers, to share this project with, who can confidently build an NFT marketplace on the Cardano network, which we would ultimately cater specifically towards musical NFT sales — using ADA as the marketplace's native token.

The business side of things, related to bringing musicians onto our platform, once totally built, is already planned out and will be taken care of with the relationships I have within the industry. The tech development side is where I need assistance. And I look forward to building a tight knit team in order to take on this endeavor together.

Looking forward to what's ahead!

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4 Responses

  1. Music NFTs are a hot ticket at the moment look at not the greatest company and their on the ETH blockchain but they have snoop dogg music NFTs. ADA cardino seems like a good fit for Music NFTs

    1. Exactly. There will be plenty of music NFT platforms built throughout the entire crypto space; I have no doubt about that.

      But the marketplace that finally utilizes the Cardano network (the best in all of crypto), and is able to partner with the right musicians will be the one that succeeds. That one will be us!

      Are you a dev, Brandon?

  2. With the way that Native NFTs work in Cardano, you wouldn’t be able to prevent the original purchaser of the NFT from transferring the NFT to a different address. Unless you are planning incorporate smart contracts, so you could either collect perpetual royalties or lock the lock the NFT to certain addresses.

    1. Thanks for the insight Mitch! I think it would be wise to utilize smart contracts within our platform, like you suggested.

      Would love to talk more with you about some of these details.

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