Decentralized Virtual Private Network

Sending data through the internet with an unsecured connection is similar to sending a postcard through the mail. The message written on the postcard can easily be read by anyone in the parcel service. When a person uses a VPN, their content becomes secured so that only the recipient can access it. Similar to containing your letters in a lock box or a safe through the mail. However, using a traditional third-party VPN provider also grants them access to the messages.

There is a lot of inherent trust that needs to be given when purchasing a traditional VPN service. Most of the time, a VPN service will claim that they prioritize amenities such as security and transparency. But, history has shown that these services have been liable to vulnerabilities that have been derived either by internal or external exploits.

A decentralized VPN service that is powered by the blockchain will mitigate all of the issues. It can be verified that data will not be logged by utilizing the blockchain. The VPN will also be secured by the blockchain, therefore, the service cannot be compromised by any entity. People can remain anonymous to the network, meaning personal identity is not required to participate.

Having a decentralized VPN that is native to the Cardano blockchain will provide competition to decentralized VPNs on separate blockchains: Sentinel, Orchid, Mysterium, etc. The other blockchains do accept Ada as a payment method, excluding an entire portion of the overall market. Becoming a truly unique service can be accomplished by adding additional privacy features like: network slicing, split tunneling, multi-hops, and DPI obfuscation.

I have the basic roadmap of milestones that I would like to accomplish. Right now, I am searching for a small team of developers that will help with creating the back-end. I can explain about my expectations in greater detail for those that are interested. The project is still in its very early stages, so any feedback from experienced developers would also be beneficial.

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