Consenz is a platform for creating agreements.

The platform lets a group of people create a document that reflects the issues they agree upon
and discuss the issues that are in disagreement.

The platform allows any group of people at any scale to formulate a text in a single, coherent and clear document in a transparent and democratic way.

The platform enable it through a new kind of Internet discussion: Instead of spreading across countless responses, the discussion converges around a collaborative and democratic document by incorporating voting mechanisms with discussion tools.

This allows to distinguish between agreed upon and controversial issues, and the process has a clear product: A text that reflects the consent of the participants.

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9 Responses

  1. Very cool. I think our projects could integrate with each other in the future as my team is building an online dispute resolution marketplace.

  2. How will this be incorporated into the blockchain? I understand that you would be using a multi-sig transaction for voting, or something similar. Are you planning on recording the documents into transaction metadata? Will you utilize smart contracts as an escrow if funds are involved?

    1. For now we are focused on designing and building the user interface. We plan to start integrating it to the cardano blockchain later, in our roadmap it is planed to q2 of next year.

  3. Hello Aharon, Have you considered an option to revisit the decision following the agreement? Agreements may evolve with the addition of new information.

    You might also consider a learning component, whether a video or some means for the participants to know how to play along.

    Interesting concept — thank you.

    1. Yes, the option to revisit the decision by editing approved sections are already exist in the app prototype. Every user can suggest an improvement to the drafts’ sections and improvements suggestions that receive enough support will replace the current section.

      And you are right, one of our onboarding new users missions is to create a tutorial video and other materials for better accessibly.

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