Basic Income Token

A way to attract people to a DID platform is giving them a token they can use without needing to fund the account. (Atala PRISM challenge for Fund6) The MVP would be a Verified Wallet (through a DID/KYC provider), with a way to submit transactions without paying fees (or paying them in a utility token […]

Maker Metadata: NFT dApp for Bookbinders

The rare book world is an intense maker space. Old books are being conserved and re-bound in order to keep the material from decaying beyond recognition, to preserve the book's reading ability. New books are bound with the intention to last 500 years, minimum. I am a bookbinder and I live by this premise. Incredibly, […]

Cardano News

There is so much content on the internet that is topic specific yet this information is disorganized and time consuming to filter. Cardano News is the idea being pitched by the founder of Cardano Outreach (a fund4 project Catalyst winner). Cardano News will use the twitch platform to engage the twitch community and build a […]

Graph compilation and simulation of simple DAO networks

A POC has been completed that shows strict programming frameworks can generate verifiable visualizations (graphs) of DAO software networks. We would like to extend the notion of primitives to have both visual and deployment/simulation analogs to allow system agnostic deployment of DAO networks. E.g. The wallet object -> a picture of a wallet -> a […]

Win-Win: Online Dispute Resolution Marketplace

We're building an online dispute resolution marketplace on Cardano to make the world a better place. The dispute resolution space suffers from an antiquated reputation model, ethical dilemmas, and little use of helpful technology. We're disrupting the alternative dispute resolution space by eliminating these problems: – Trusting credentials – Mediation process slow to start – […]


The distribution of premium content by internet content creators is hampered by the current design of the internet. The internet was designed to spread information quickly and trying to sell digital content leads to piracy and less than optimal revenues strategies. Blockchain can solve this by backing the meta-data on a distributed ledger, lowering the […]


Consenz is a platform for creating agreements. The platform lets a group of people create a document that reflects the issues they agree upon and discuss the issues that are in disagreement. The platform allows any group of people at any scale to formulate a text in a single, coherent and clear document in a […]

Decentralized Virtual Private Network

Sending data through the internet with an unsecured connection is similar to sending a postcard through the mail. The message written on the postcard can easily be read by anyone in the parcel service. When a person uses a VPN, their content becomes secured so that only the recipient can access it. Similar to containing […]

Music Market

Quite simply put, non fungible tokens (NFTs) will revolutionize how business is done in the music industry. As the technology continues to develop, and more marketplace infrastructure is built — singers, musicians, bands, rappers, DJs, and so on, will have a chance to control their own song and album sales, in a direct line to […]