ADA MakerSpace Hackathon MVP

Are you ready to take part in an experimental hackathon and open space learning experience? This Friday August 13th 2021, ADA MakerSpace is launching a Hackathon MVP designed to help entrepreneurs, developers, and community members connect around the topic of building in the Cardano Ecosystem. What happens when you create scheduled times to brainstorm with […]

$ADM Airdrop Bounty Hunters

#ADA Makers, It’s time for a metADAta Scavenger Hunt! #WIN some $ADM and $ADA VISIT THE TWEET TO FIND THE 1st CODE: (Share and Like it while you’re There:) you will find the link to signup for the Admirald Circuits ($ADM) Airdrop. ADA MakerSpace metADAta Scavenger Hunt on Cardano BlockchainThere will be 2 tiers […]