#ADA Makers, It’s time for a metADAta Scavenger Hunt! #WIN some $ADM and $ADA

VISIT THE TWEET TO FIND THE 1st CODE: (Share and Like it while you’re There:) https://twitter.com/AdaMakerspace/status/1395186829926690820 you will find the link to signup for the Admirald Circuits ($ADM) Airdrop.

ADA MakerSpace metADAta Scavenger Hunt on Cardano Blockchain
There will be 2 tiers to the Prizes,

Tier 1: A higher yield/risk contest, with a 3 $ADA registration fee.

Tier 2: A lower yield/no-risk contest with zero registration fee.


The more Players that register for each Tier, the higher the grand prizes will be for both Tiers.

Cardano Native Asset: Admirald Circuits $ADM Token

View Admirald Circuits on https://pool.pm/4a1eeb5a1c0f8ce54ed3aa9375aa21cd5b8b4937d797ffb7ecae2e0e.AdmiraldCircuits

Tier 1: 3 ADA Entry Fee:

-Top Score wins 30% of total $ADA registration fees + 1 LAB ACCESS PASS NFT + 1000 $ADM
-Top 2–5 Scores will split 20% of the total registration fees + 100 $ADM each
-Top 6–10 Scores will split 10% of the total registration fees + 50 $ADM each

Tier 2: No Entry Fee:

-Top Score wins 100 $ADM
-Top 2–5 Scores wins 50 $ADM each
-Top 6–10 Scores will each receive 25 $ADM each

We are working to find Sponsors & Partners of the contest and the final grand prizes for each tier could have some surprises in store.

Every player who competes in the scavenger hunt must be an Academy Member of ADAMaker.Space, it is free to join, no experience needed, and our Academy Membership comes with some awesome benefits!

Registration Info:

Registration is open now and close June 30th 2021.

To register for the metADAta Scavenger Hunt find the link in the 1st CODE in metadata here on Cardanoscan.

Or you can check out metadata on https://bi.stakepoolcentral.com/tx_metadatakeylist?epoch_no=266&key=16181618.

During the contest there will be 4 different CODES posted to 4 different metadata KEYS in which Players must find the CODES to be able to reach the checkpoints on ADAMaker.Space during the scavenger hunt to increase their $ADM Airdrop amount.

Note: Players can only compete in one Tier, and can win only one prize category.